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Supply Chain

Capital Equipment Contract Portfolio Manager Job Description

Job Summary
As part of the procurement function, the capital equipment contract portfolio manager will assist the supply chain department with capital equipment contracting. They will create and maintain capital equipment contracts for the organization, including negotiating with equipment vendors. This position reports to the head supplies contract portfolio manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Creates and maintains all contracts concerning the organization’s capital equipment vendors
  • Directs activities concerned with contracts for equipment sales
  • Facilitates instrument repair as necessary, including routine maintenance provided for in the negotiated contract
  • Monitors contracts to track equipment warranties and ensures staff are abiding by warranty limits or qualifications
  • Gathers claims data, wholesaler purchasing reports, and any other relevant benchmarking data and uses data to effectively negotiate equipment pricing and other contract terms, such as warranties, to achieve optimal cost
  • Collaborates with physicians, nurse practitioners, and nursing staff to achieve two aims:
    • to assess the value and efficacy o

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