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Information Technology

Planning for Enterprise Mobility Management Adoption

Given the growing use of mobile devices as collaborative and organizational tools in healthcare, hospitals and health systems require technology and processes that support the increasing demand for mobile productivity and management. While organizations have historically relied on mobile device management (MDM) capabilities to protect and secure data on mobile devices, MDM solutions can be restrictive for users and typically do not afford granular control at the application level. Enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions seek to fill this gap by providing sound administrative functionality in combination with comprehensive application control. To provide insight on transitioning to an EMM system, the following offers considerations based on the experiences of two health systems at different points along the adoption spectrum: one in the midst of selecting and implementing an EMM solution, and one that has already begun utilizing this type of tool.

Preparing to Select an EMM Vendor
One seven-hospital academic health system based in the eastern United States is early on in its mobile strategy process and offers a unique point of view, having recently completed a mobile strategy plan and discussions on deployment logistics. Currently, the organization is uti

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