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Sustaining Quality Improvements in CAUTI Reduction

A seven-hospital system The Academy recently spoke with, based in Virginia, has implemented a number of successful interventions and in turn made a remarkable impact on CAUTI. At one of the facilities where the interventions were first initiated, infections were reduced by 67% in a two-year period. Once the interventions were expanded across the health system, the organization as a whole experienced a 66% drop in CAUTI. Given that the system includes hospitals between 145 and 525 beds, the success can be replicated at organizations of all sizes.

“It’s not just for a big hospital, it really works everywhere,” says one of the organization's clinical nurse managers. “That is one of the key points I want people to understand.”

Phase One: 2007 – 2009
During the first phase of its CAUTI reduction project that began in 2007, a number of best practice interventions were identified.

Indwelling Urinary Catheter Management Bundle
After conducting industry research, leaders created a urinary catheter management bundle comprised of the following five elements:

  • Use of silver-impregnated catheter
  • Proper care of perineum and

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