5 Tips for Staying Engaged in the Remote Work Environment

While there are many benefits that come with working remotely (like the lack of a commute or less workplace distractions), it is normal for staff to experience feelings of loneliness or isolation. After all, human beings are social creatures to some extent and spending 40 hours a week at home by oneself can feel like a long time for anyone. This is especially true for remote coders, who are more likely to work from home full time and are leading the charge for revenue cycle staff to work from home.

Before sending staff home, most managers of remote staff are understandably focused on the logistics (e.g., equipment), productivity tracking, and how to make staff feel part of a team they do not physically see. Yet, it is rare for staff themselves to be given instruction or adequate preparation for thriving in the remote environment. This resource focuses on five steps staff members can take to make their time at home enjoyable.