Price Transparency Report: How Well Are Hospitals Publicizing Pricing Information?

The latest CMS price transparency rule includes specific requirements for how hospital websites display price information. At the same time, patients are increasingly interacting with providers online. With hospital websites so important to the patient financial experience, how well equipped are they to meet regulatory and consumer demands? HBI sought to identify strengths and weaknesses of hospital websites in terms of price transparency.

The purpose of this study was to assess hospital websites in three areas:

  • Searchability for payment-related information: prices, financial assistance, how to pay a bill
  • Compliance with the 2019 CMS requirement that organizations publicize standard charges online, including average charges per DRG for hospitals that receive DRG reimbursement
  • Patient-friendliness of website language and options for patients to receive a price estimate, such as a phone number to call or a self-service calculator