Managing purchasing during and after COVID-19

The pandemic has had a widespread impact on supply chain operations throughout the healthcare industry. For example, in April 2020, the GPO Premier surveyed its members and reported “active cases of COVID-19 create surge demand of 17X the typical burn rate for N95 respirators, 8.6X for face shields, 6X for swabs, 5X for isolation gowns, […]

What are patients’ sentiments toward seeking care?

As of this writing, the ability of healthcare providers in various U.S. states to stay reopened for non-urgent and elective services is uncertain. In some areas, COVID-19 infections are increasing at a worrying rate, causing some state governments to pause their reopening plans, which may impact healthcare providers. When the pandemic has receded long enough […]

Why upfront financial discussions are the compassionate thing to do

With healthcare leaders focused on complying with balance billing requirements set forth by the CARES Act and being compassionate during a time of uncertainty and stress for many Americans, those leaders who are HBI members continue to report that collection often is not attempted prior to or at the point of service. Discussions surrounding patient […]

Delivering a Successful Virtual Care Visit: Tips for Providers

The use of telehealth services is continuing to gain momentum, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. With CMS announcing waivers for certain telehealth services (click here), more patients than ever are being directed to access care through this avenue to limit their exposure to infectious diseases in hospitals. (Click here for a complete list of covered […]

Technology-Based Solutions Adopted by Hospitals to Fight COVID-19

Technology has been useful to improve the way in which care is delivered to patients, and this is all more the case during this time of crisis. Hospitals and health systems across the country are relying on tech-based solutions to care for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic—like providing telemedicine to reserve beds for only the […]

6 Ways Providers Are Helping Financially Struggling Patients

An interesting phenomenon has been occurring within the HBI membership community. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, revenue cycle leaders have been coming to HBI to ask questions such as “How are others being mindful of the fact that our patients are losing jobs and income?” This question only becomes more pervasive as unemployment […]

3 Studies and 3 Hospitals Supporting the Use of Homemade Masks

Date: April 28, 2020

With the United States continuing to see an increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases, the CDC advised all citizens to wear face masks in public places, in addition to practicing thorough hand-washing and social distancing. Given that healthcare providers are already facing a shortage of N95 masks, the recommendation is for people to […]

Key COVID-19 Interventions From Rush University System for Health

COVID-19 is challenging healthcare systems around the world. According to the CDC, the United States was considered in the “acceleration phase” of the pandemic in late March, meaning the peak of the illnesses were occurring. Since the World Health Organization officially labeled COVID-19 a pandemic, healthcare organizations have been assessing and adopting various strategies to […]

Addressing Mental Health of Patients and Staff During COVID-19

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic is a stressful time for both healthcare professionals and the general population alike. While the best way to flatten the curve is to practice social distancing, the time apart from loved ones can be quite challenging for many. According to the CDC, people who might respond more strongly to the […]