Will You Be an HBI Revenue Cycle Award Winner?

Date: September 20, 2019
Category: Revenue Cycle
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There’s still time to earn your revenue cycle team the recognition they deserve! HBI has extended its 2019 Revenue Cycle Study and Awards deadline due to high interest to Friday, December 13. Click here to download the survey. The survey lists the metrics that HBI will examine as indicators of revenue cycle health, and definitions and […]

3 Steps to Better Supply Spend Management for Stroke Centers

Stroke centers incur significant supply spend due to expensive stroke device investments and by providing 24/7 neurosurgical coverage. Effective management of supply spend enables stroke centers to drive innovation, provide quality care, and increase profits. To achieve effective management, hospitals can facilitate collaboration between stroke leadership, supply chain teams, and physicians to choose the best […]

Expanding the Use of Telemental Health

An increase in the use of telemedicine can be witnessed across the country, with a growing number of physicians getting involved in these services. According to a recent study on physician interest in telemedicine—which was published by Doximity—physicians reporting telemedicine as a skill they currently possess has almost doubled within a span of three years. […]

Top 5 Tips for Implementing a Patient Flow Management Solution

Patient flow management solutions allow hospitals to effectively manage real-time patient transfers and bed logistics to improve care quality. The patient flow management solutions market is categorized into hardware, software, and services. U.S. healthcare providers prefer software solutions as they offer better integration capabilities with computers and mobile phones. Patient flow management products enable users […]

4 Things Your Vendor Wishes You Knew

Date: August 1, 2019
Category: Revenue Cycle
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A 2019 HBI survey shows considerable churn in revenue cycle vendor partnerships over the past two years, with 33% of organizations expanding their outsourcing and 36% increasing insourcing. Some functions were about equally likely to be outsourced or insourced from 2017 through 2018: 38% of organizations outsourcing did so for denials and underpayments, but 33% […]

ICYMI: New England Journal of Medicine’s 2019 Guideline Watch Summary

Last month, the New England Journal of Medicine Journal Watch issued this year’s installment of their Guideline Watch, a collection of 13 clinical guidelines published within the last six months that hospitals and health systems should be most aware of. Their staff of clinician-editors review the latest medical journals and decide which guidelines will have […]

Simulation Training – The Next Step In Healthcare Education

With healthcare providers routinely facing challenges that demand efficient and skillful responses, providing experiential, hands-on training is imperative to ensure that they are properly prepared. A strategy for achieving this purpose—that organizations are increasingly looking at in recent times—is the use of simulation training. Adopting simulation in educational modules helps staff better handle various medical […]

Share Your Charge and Claim Performance to Gain Industry Benchmarks

Date: July 16, 2019
Category: Revenue Cycle

HBI is opening its 2019 Charge and Claim Performance Survey to gather updated industry comparisons on the following topics: Charge lag for clinic, inpatient, and hospital outpatient services Initial denials by root cause Final denial write-offs by root cause Inpatient status changes to observation Inpatient claim denials rebilled as observation services Electronic claims submission rates […]

Category Management: The Key to Collaboration?

Sourcing and purchasing departments should function symbiotically—two parts of procurement whole. However, many organizations find that the alignment is not as strong as they would hope, which has led to some self-reflection on the best way to build symmetry into the departments. This can come down to a question of philosophy. What are your organization’s […]