Patient Access Week 2020: Thank You to Everyone on the Front Lines!

Patient Access professionals provide invaluable services to patients in their communities. Those who work in admissions, scheduling, and registration, among others, make sure that patients can get the healthcare they need. They also play critical roles in patient communications, answering questions and helping patients understand what they can expect from their individual healthcare experiences. This […]

Real-World Perspective on Value-Based Care: Q&A With Dawn Edwards

Dawn Edwards is the Consultant of Clinical Care and Quality for Healthcare Business Insights, Part of Clarivate. Dawn has expertise in population health management, value-based contracting, clinical integration, and payer-provider networks. In the following Q&A, Edwards shares some key insights about value-based care and clinical integration by addressing common questions from HBI members.  What advice […]

Avoid Surprises: Out-of-Network Provider Bills May Shock Your Patients

Patient experience is currently a high priority for healthcare leaders – not to mention regulators – and organizations are focused on initiatives to improve price transparency, accurately estimate patients’ out-of-pocket expenses, and prevent surprise billing. There will be multiple bills aimed at protecting patients from surprise billing presented to Congress as it begins its 2020 […]

Making Costs Transparent for Patients: Q&A With HBI’s Noelle Wysocki

In the wake of new price transparency regulations, patients have questions about the cost of their care, especially what they owe out of pocket. Since high-deductible health plans are very common, many patients likely owe more than they had in the past. Healthcare organizations must be able to help patients understand the cost of their […]

Highlights of HBI’s Retreat Panel on Vendor Partnerships

Healthcare Business Insights, Part of Decision Resources Group, hosts live events for our members each year. These Member Retreats are included in HBI membership, with no fee to attend. At HBI Member Retreats, we feature presentations by leaders at top-performing healthcare organizations, panels, networking opportunities, and the ability to earn continuing education credits. HBI data […]

Top 5 Healthcare Quality Priorities in 2020

Healthcare Business Insights, Part of Decision Resources Group, is a community of more than 1,900 hospitals across 50 U.S. states. Each year, HBI surveys our members on their top priorities. The findings of this survey allow our members to see the planned initiatives of peers and confirm that their strategic plans are not missing any […]

What Are Best Practices for Using Personal Protective Equipment?

News of the coronavirus continues to capture the world’s imagination. Last week, as the virus spread in Italy and South Korea, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that an outbreak in the United States was not a matter of if, but when. Healthcare organizations are doing what they can to prepare for […]

What Patients Are Saying on Social Media, and What You Can Do About It

Few industries were prepared for how social media would disrupt traditional marketing and communication channels. All customers now can share their experiences publicly, which can affect a business’s reputation – both positively and negatively. On one hand, social media can be a great vehicle for positive word of mouth. On the other, a single bad […]

Audit the Patient Experience and Learn Where to Focus Training

The goal of healthcare organizations is to provide excellent services to patients, but how can leaders be sure they truly understand the end-to-end patient experience? Organizations typically use surveys such as HCAHPS to measure patient experience, but these surveys do not tell the whole story. The HCAHPS survey focuses primarily on clinical care, and does […]