Does Your Data Analysis Team Deliver?

Date: November 15, 2018
Category: Revenue Cycle
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Revenue cycle leaders are constantly tasked with measuring their teams against industry benchmarks, and they increasingly rely on dedicated revenue cycle analytics staff to generate reports to assess performance. This, in turn, has spurred analytics leaders to reach out to HBI for insight on how their peers are handling this influx: How should their analytics […]

Pulse Check: Combat High Staff Turnover Through Culture Change

My team has been receiving many requests for ideas on how to reduce staff turnover. Our response?  High turnover in a department is likely the symptom of a much larger issue, employee disengagement. A cultural transformation is needed in order to engage your employees. When a department has high turnover, staff often have tunnel vision […]

Pulse Check: Acting Like a Team

Date: November 7, 2018
Filed under: Pulse Check, Teamwork

Hospitals are large sprawling workspaces. Staff are spread out among various departments, throughout the building or campus. Ensuring that revenue cycle staff are educated about the entire revenue cycle is, and what each department is responsible for is important, but fostering an environment in which every revenue cycle employee knows they are on the same […]

Saturation Genome Editing: Can it Determine Breast Cancer Risk?

Date: November 5, 2018

Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a recently published study by cancer researchers at the University of Washington has appeared to do something that no one or organization has done before: Given physicians, patients, and the general public a list of which BRCA1 gene variants are deemed safe and which can potentially cause […]

Reimbursement & Regulations: Sepsis, Medicare Part C, MBIs

Starting January 1, United Healthcare will use sepsis-3 criteria for the medical necessity of claims. Experts believe this could lead to higher denials in the near future. This change is for all of United Healthcare’s plans. Sepsis-3 defines sepsis as “life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by dysregulated host response to infection [suspected or confirmed].” Two standards […]

Pulse Check: Bolstering POS by Engaging in Community Outreach

Recently, I have been hearing a lot about point-of-service collections being a top initiative within 2018 and heading into 2019 for providers. According to Healthcare Business Insights most recent benchmark, the national average of point-of-service collections as a percent of net patient revenue is 0.5%. This is down from 1.3% the prior month, giving organizations […]

Observing Best Practices in Healthcare Sustainability Efforts

Date: October 30, 2018
Category: Supply Chain

One of the leaders in healthcare sustainability efforts has been Gundersen Health System, located in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The organization has a centralized sustainability program called Envision that is tackling environmental stewardship from several angles. HBI recently visited Gundersen’s main campus to learn about Envision and observe the program’s operations firsthand. Gundersen originally began exploring […]

Sweeping Opioid Legislation Ratified: What Providers Need to Know

On Wednesday, the president signed a bipartisan bill to address the opioid epidemic. Called the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, this legislation pieces together dozens of separate proposals and programs and ultimately works to increase access to addiction treatment, monitor opioid use, and prevent abuse. Although this legislation has been lauded for many of […]

Pulse Check: Enhancing Effectiveness of Denials Representatives

Recently I was asked to discuss what skills make denials representatives more effective. A few important things came to mind. Smart Workflow To ensure that a representative is able to efficiently work denials and appeals, they should prioritize their worklists first by payer, then by patient type (IP or OP), and then by underpayment descending. […]