Pulse Check: Price Transparency

Now that the CMS has stated that prices for all items and procedures must be posted online, it is important to ensure patients understand what these prices mean to them. We’ve seen healthcare organizations be effective creating a financial assistance committee that can partner with the community to determine the most efficient way to communicate […]

Heart Failure Treatment: 4 Key Takeaways From Our Latest Best Practice Report

Heart failure is estimated to be the fourth leading cause of cardiovascular death in the United States and can be incredibly costly for hospitals and health systems due to its high readmission rate. As such, we decided to focus our latest best practice report on heart failure, covering four main aspects of care: identification, treatment, […]

Pulse Check: Reduce Turnover Through a Compensation Review

Recently, I have been hearing the same question from revenue cycle leaders across the country, “How do we reduce staff turnover?” Staff turnover will continue to be an issue until leaders invest in understanding the underlying issues. What is below the surface that is causing my employees to leave? Revenue cycle leaders need to understand […]

4 Key Insights From Our Featured Research on OPPE

Ongoing professional practice evaluation (OPPE), a mandated process by The Joint Commission to evaluate and monitor the competency, professional behavior, and performance of practitioners, can often feel a bit overwhelming. To aid you in executing your OPPE process, one of our November featured research pieces answered a number of questions your fellow HBI Cost & […]

What Providers Should Know About the ACA Ruling

Date: December 19, 2018
Category: Revenue Cycle

A federal judge’s ruling against the Affordable Care Act last week has providers facing the unnerving prospect of a future without the landmark law to which they have spent years adapting. On Friday, Judge Reed O’Connor of the Federal District Court in Fort Worth struck down the ACA in a lawsuit brought in part by […]

Pulse Check: HBI’s Revenue Cycle Prescription

When a patient presents with a problem to a physician, the physician takes necessary steps to diagnose the issue, treat it, and help the patient sustain a new normal. Perhaps we take preventative measures, like analyzing bloodwork, to uncover red flags that should be mitigated to ensure long-term health. A healthcare organization’s troublesome revenue cycle […]

What Role Can Supply Chain Play in Environmental Services?

According to a 2016 HBI supply chain survey, environmental services falls under the supply chain umbrella at nearly half of all hospitals and health systems, with the practice being most common in organizations with 100 beds or fewer. As this is an ancillary service new to many supply chain departments, several questions have been floated […]

Top Procurement Trends from 2018 For Supply Chain Leaders

Date: December 14, 2018
Category: Supply Chain

Looking back at the Academy‘s strategies for contracting and vendor relationships this year. The resource crunch in other areas of healthcare operations has been felt in the supply chain as well, with organizations emphasizing consolidation and optimization in the procurement space. In 2018, the Supply Chain Academy covered strategies for standardizing contracting models, including centralization […]

6 Strategies to Improve Your Appeal Processes

HBI’s research in recent years has indicated a wide range of appeal outcomes among healthcare providers. For example, respondents to one survey noted first-pass success rates anywhere from 6% to 85%, with about half reporting between 40% and 65%. Such variation may be at least partially explained by the wide range of contributing factors, such […]