Simulation Training – The Next Step In Healthcare Education

With healthcare providers routinely facing challenges that demand efficient and skillful responses, providing experiential, hands-on training is imperative to ensure that they are properly prepared. A strategy for achieving this purpose—that organizations are increasingly looking at in recent times—is the use of simulation training. Adopting simulation in educational modules helps staff better handle various medical […]

Share Your Charge and Claim Performance to Gain Industry Benchmarks

Date: July 16, 2019
Category: Revenue Cycle

HBI is opening its 2019 Charge and Claim Performance Survey to gather updated industry comparisons on the following topics: Charge lag for clinic, inpatient, and hospital outpatient services Initial denials by root cause Final denial write-offs by root cause Inpatient status changes to observation Inpatient claim denials rebilled as observation services Electronic claims submission rates […]

Category Management: The Key to Collaboration?

Sourcing and purchasing departments should function symbiotically—two parts of procurement whole. However, many organizations find that the alignment is not as strong as they would hope, which has led to some self-reflection on the best way to build symmetry into the departments. This can come down to a question of philosophy. What are your organization’s […]

You Changed My Mind – Empathy Can be Taught

How HBI is helping one organization communicate with empathy, internally and externally. “Word of mouth says that our staff don’t treat each other very well. And we’re slowly losing patients to competitors.” This is what one client said to us over a year ago. And we’ve heard similar statements from so many other organizations across […]

That Was Terrible! I’m Going to Tell Everyone!

Think about the worst visit to a healthcare professional you have ever experienced. Did it involve getting a surprising and large bill several months later? Rude staff members on the phone? Lack of empathy and caring throughout your care? Who did you tell about it? Your friends? Your Facebook Friends? Your Twitter-verse? Right now, the […]

Vaccinations for Healthcare Providers: Necessary or Not?

Date: June 19, 2019

Given the fact that we are in the midst of the largest measles outbreak in the United States in nearly 20 years, the importance of receiving the proper vaccination—for both the general public and healthcare providers—to help limit this outbreak is paramount. Additionally, with flu season approaching, the risk of catching and spreading this infectious […]

Let’s Go Green: How Hospitals Can Cut Costs and Save the Environment

As it certainly should be, providing the best care quality possible to patients is paramount in healthcare. In essence, keeping patients safe and providing them with ample care and opportunities to improve their health is why hospitals and health systems exist. Not only is staff labor necessary to make this happen, but also many different […]

4 Tips For Creating Better Stakeholder Surveys

As the oversight of supply chain expands, the department is increasingly tasked with developing innovative solutions for varying issues across an organization. Many times, these initiatives involve numerous departments, positions, and responsibilities. It is often difficult to gauge the pulse or opinions such a diverse group of stakeholders have regarding a specific topic, process, department, […]

A Cost Containment Strategy You May Not Have Considered

Think about the best job that you’ve ever had. What made you love it so much? The people? The service or product you created for the world? The challenges you learned to overcome? During your time there, how did your employer make you feel? Valued? Cared for? Invested in? Had you not felt those things, […]