How the Revenue Cycle Will Need to Adapt to Value-Based Reimbursement

Date: March 13, 2019
Category: Revenue Cycle

Value-based payment models are undoubtedly the future of health care. The number of commercial and governmental ACO contracts alone increased by an average of 63% annually from Q1 2011 to Q1 2018, according to a Muhlestein et al. analysis of Leavitt Partners’ data. Though commercial payers have been slower to adopt other models that are […]

Strong Vendor Communication for Effective Laundry Processes

Date: March 12, 2019
Category: Supply Chain

Vendor relations can often be tenuous when expectations are not aligned. This can be potentially costly when dealing with linen and laundry services. In order to hold vendors accountable, while also maintaining strong relationships, organizations should start by considering their expectations and standards regarding an internal linen program. The University of Maryland Medical System’s leaders […]

Patient Safety Awareness Week 2019: Happenings & Ideas for Improvement

Everybody knows patient safety is important, but a reminder every once in a while never hurts. This particular reminder comes to us in the form of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s annual Patient Safety Awareness Week, scheduled for March 10–16, 2019. Throughout the week, the non-profit organization hopes that hospital and health system staff open […]

Pulse Check: Let Us Help You Help Your Employees

It goes without saying that onboarding and training programs are essential to a well-run department and are tied back to employee retention and customer satisfaction. That said, many organizations find themselves in one of two predicaments: No designated trainers; limited time. Leaders are subject matter experts but putting together a training program that engages, teaches, […]

Tips For Implementing A Successful Nurse Leadership Rounding Program

With the healthcare industry’s focus shifting toward a more patient-centered care delivery model, organizations are looking for innovative approaches to improve their rounding practices. One such approach to rounding aimed at improving patient engagement is the involvement of nurse leaders in the rounding process. While establishment of such a program certainly seems to boost patient […]

Pulse Check: Specialize the Business Office

Date: February 20, 2019

Whenever I’ve gone on site, no matter the size of the hospital, I’ve always been struck by the fact that business office staff are organized by payer. Either billing and follow-up actions are done by one person, assigned all of the accounts for a certain payer, or billing and follow-up tasks are separated, but staff […]

The Quest for Price Parity: How to Align Hospital and Non-Hospital Location’s Cost Containment Strategies

Alternate care sites—clinics, urgent care, physician practices, home health, and long-term care—increasingly represent key access points for patients. A recent survey, conducted by the Health Industry Distributors Association, found that 71% of health systems plan to increase their community footprint by acquiring non-hospital facilities. Despite the potential financial benefits of system expansion, providers continue to […]

The Top Five Challenges Revenue Cycle Leaders Faced in 2018

Date: February 14, 2019
Category: Revenue Cycle

HBI’s Revenue Cycle Academy received more than 1,300 research requests from the membership community in 2018, allowing us to identify major trends in the issues commanding the attention of leaders throughout the industry. The Top 5 Staff Management: More than a third of the research requests the team received were related to staff management. Revenue […]

Pulse Check: Extending Coding Education Beyond the Coding Department

The health of an organization’s revenue cycle depends not only on the accurate performance of employees in their respective roles, but also the understanding of how their roles impact others up and downstream, and therefore the quality and speed with which a claim gets processed. One area that has incredible impact on a claim’s processing […]