Managing ED Overcrowding: Q&A With Sharp HealthCare’s Janet Hanley

In the United States, ED overcrowding is a major concern in most hospitals. Recent media reports highlight the perils and challenges of busy EDs, including “A Doctor’s Diary: The Overnight Shift in the E.R.” in last month’s New York Times. That article noted, “Americans visit the E.R. more than 140 million times a year – […]

How Northwell Health Cut Down ED Boarding by 40%

ED boarding continues to be an issue for hospitals and health systems in the United States. Many organizations struggle to streamline the ED and admission processes to facilitate improved efficiency. To learn more about the various practices some organizations are adopting to improve their boarding times, HBI spoke with Dr. John D’Angelo, the executive director […]

HBI’s Latest Report Focuses on Supply Chain Standardization

Healthcare supply chain professionals play a key role in helping organizations achieve not only financial goals but also goals related to the patient experience. Indeed, the supply chain has visibility across healthcare operations and is positioned to drive cost-saving initiatives that also keep the patient experience at top of mind. With that in mind, members […]

Listen, Educate, Recognize: A Winning Formula for Staff Engagement

In its frequent communication with revenue cycle leaders across the country, there is one area of focus that continues to cause anxiety and uncertainty: staff engagement and retention. The reasons for this are well known – ranging from an inability to compete for qualified staff, to unaligned job descriptions, hours, and pay grades within the […]

Get a Handle on Patient Scheduling and Referrals

One challenge HBI has been hearing from our members is making it easy for their patients to schedule appointments. When organizations get a handle on patient scheduling, it provides several benefits. For one thing, the community is better served when patients have easy access to healthcare. For another, the financial health of providers is better […]

Best Practices for Addressing Shortage of Mental Health Services

HBI Report Reveals Best Practices for Addressing Shortage of Mental Health Services Every day, articles in the news highlight the need for greater access to mental health services. Rural areas in the United States are hit especially hard by a shortage of mental health professionals, but even residents of more populated areas face challenges in […]

The ROI of RPA and AI in The Revenue Cycle

It’s Not About Reducing Staff HBI data reveals that the rate of hospitals or health systems that have implemented artificial intelligence for any revenue cycle function has not widely increased over the past year, but automation has shown some forward movement in comparison. Based on the conversations revenue cycle analysts have conducted with HBI members […]

4 Digital Solutions to Overcome Common Challenges Related to Diabetes

Diabetes is a common and costly problem in the United States: one in ten Americans suffer from diabetes and estimated direct and indirect medical costs were around $237 billion and $90 in 2017, according to a 2018 study by the American Diabetes Association. Indirect costs of diabetes include missed work due to poor health, poor […]

How Well Does Your Organization Provide Price Transparency?

HBI’s newly released 2019 Price Transparency Report seeks to help answer this question. It features two independent studies that show how organizations’ performance with price transparency is not yet where it should be. In one study, HBI examined the websites of 272 hospitals and found that approximately 49% are not fully compliant with CMS’ 2019 […]