3 Ways Epic Users Tackle Denials

Date: May 14, 2019
Category: Revenue Cycle
Filed under: appeals, denials, Epic

Earlier this year, HBI hosted a roundtable discussion on analyzing and managing denials. This topic is of constant interest in HBI’s membership community, but best practices often vary by organization. For example, geography and size can shape payer and patient mix, staffing structures, and available technology—ultimately steering how revenue cycle leaders choose to handle denials. […]

Becker’s Hospital Review Conference: Four Key Takeaways

Earlier this month, healthcare leaders from around the country gathered to participate in the 2nd Annual Becker’s Hospital Review Health IT, Clinical Leadership, and Pharmacy conference in Chicago. Over 170 speakers led sessions and discussed topics spanning from telehealth and AI to population health, burnout, and more. As an attendee representing HBI, I walked away […]

How to Strengthen Your Palliative Care Program & Reduce Related Costs

In the traditional healthcare model, preventive or curative treatment is emphasized initially, and comfort care only follows when those measures are no longer appropriate. However, palliative care is now being introduced much earlier in the process and is seen as a supplement to curative treatment, as research has underscored the many benefits of utilizing these […]

How Can I Advance Our Value Analysis Committee?

Date: April 17, 2019
Category: Supply Chain

Many hospitals and health systems have had long-standing value analysis committees in place for several years now. Traditionally, these committees often approved the purchase of new items based on price neutrality or savings. However, many value analysis committees are evolving past this model, finding it restrictive to introducing new technologies and ostracizing to clinicians. As […]

Spotlight on Alcohol Awareness Month

April 2019 marks the 32nd annual Alcohol Awareness Month, which was established by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence in 1987. Each year, the observance carries a different theme, yet the purpose remains the same: to address alcoholism, raise public awareness of the illness, and educate individuals regarding prevention and treatment options. This […]

Patients Reign Supreme at HBI’s Spring 2019 Member Retreat

HBI held its annual Spring Member Retreat in Boston, Massachusetts, last month (March 25–27)—bringing together approximately 70 revenue cycle professionals from 40+ healthcare organizations. As part of the HBI research team, these events have always been my favorite to not just help coordinate and host, but also to attend. I’m always struck by how kind […]

Setting Expectations for Courier Services Providers

Recent mergers and acquisitions have resulted in a complex process of integrating individual care sites into an organization’s central network system. With an emphasis to reduce overhead and operating costs, hospitals should focus on centralizing their freight spend to generate cost savings. Organizations are generally aware of inbound and outbound shipment costs related to courier […]

CAR-T Cell Cancer Therapy: The Current Situation

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy is an adoptive cell immunotherapy procedure that is gaining significant attention from oncologists across the United States in recent years. Its innovative use of the patient’s own white blood cells, which interact with an artificial receptor to produce cancer-fighting chemicals, is unlike any other cancer treatment. The promising […]

Tips for Managing Relationships with Suppliers and Service Providers

Managing vendor relationships can be challenging for several reasons. The high volume of manufacturers and suppliers hospital supply chains deal with can be daunting. Distributors and purchasing organizations can help make it more manageable, but with thousands upon thousands of SKUs at any given hospital, they cannot cover all of it. On top of that, […]