Top 5 Healthcare Quality Priorities in 2020

Healthcare Business Insights, Part of Decision Resources Group, is a community of more than 1,900 hospitals across 50 U.S. states. Each year, HBI surveys our members on their top priorities. The findings of this survey allow our members to see the planned initiatives of peers and confirm that their strategic plans are not missing any […]

What Are Best Practices for Using Personal Protective Equipment?

News of the coronavirus continues to capture the world’s imagination. Last week, as the virus spread in Italy and South Korea, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that an outbreak in the United States was not a matter of if, but when. Healthcare organizations are doing what they can to prepare for […]

What Patients Are Saying on Social Media, and What You Can Do About It

Few industries were prepared for how social media would disrupt traditional marketing and communication channels. All customers now can share their experiences publicly, which can affect a business’s reputation – both positively and negatively. On one hand, social media can be a great vehicle for positive word of mouth. On the other, a single bad […]

Audit the Patient Experience and Learn Where to Focus Training

The goal of healthcare organizations is to provide excellent services to patients, but how can leaders be sure they truly understand the end-to-end patient experience? Organizations typically use surveys such as HCAHPS to measure patient experience, but these surveys do not tell the whole story. The HCAHPS survey focuses primarily on clinical care, and does […]

Gain Insights From HBI’s Real-World Data Report on Initial Denials

Healthcare Business Insights, Part of Decision Resources Group, is a community of more than 1,900 hospitals across 50 states. HBI provides research, learning, analytics, and custom services to its members in the areas of revenue cycle, supply chain, quality, and information technology. One source of our data is our Revenue Cycle Scorecard, which is a […]

CMS Discharge Planning Rule: Are You in Compliance?

The recent CMS discharge planning rule that went into effect in November 2019 included several changes aimed at improving care transitions and encouraging patients’ involvement in their follow-up treatment and care protocols. (Click here to review the rule in the Federal Register.) With those rules in place, it is now imperative for organizations to familiarize […]

A Look at Healthcare Supply Chain Trends in 2020

Throughout the 2000s, the healthcare supply chain underwent a major transformation, evolving from a transactional product and cost center into an established partner able to deliver value throughout the organization. Now, as we head into the new decade, the supply chain appears set to continue along the path of holistic partnership with other departments and […]

Benchmark Write-Offs With HBI’s Revenue Cycle Scorecard Report

Healthcare Business Insights is a community of more than 1,900 healthcare providers across 50 states. We recently published a benchmarking report is focused on three write-off key performance indicators tracked within HBI’s Revenue Cycle Scorecard. The Scorecard is a benchmarking product that compiles data reported by HBI members on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. […]

Coronavirus: How Can Hospitals Prepare?

Last week, the coronavirus that originated in the Chinese city Wuhan continued to spread. The World Health Organization declared a global emergency, and the first case of person-to-person virus transmission was recorded in the United States. The coronavirus outbreak is reminiscent of other viral outbreaks in recent memory, including Ebola in 2014, and SARS in […]