Spotlight on Alcohol Awareness Month

April 2019 marks the 32nd annual Alcohol Awareness Month, which was established by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence in 1987. Each year, the observance carries a different theme, yet the purpose remains the same: to address alcoholism, raise public awareness of the illness, and educate individuals regarding prevention and treatment options. This […]

Patients Reign Supreme at HBI’s Spring 2019 Member Retreat

HBI held its annual Spring Member Retreat in Boston, Massachusetts, last month (March 25–27)—bringing together approximately 70 revenue cycle professionals from 40+ healthcare organizations. As part of the HBI research team, these events have always been my favorite to not just help coordinate and host, but also to attend. I’m always struck by how kind […]

Setting Expectations for Courier Services Providers

Recent mergers and acquisitions have resulted in a complex process of integrating individual care sites into an organization’s central network system. With an emphasis to reduce overhead and operating costs, hospitals should focus on centralizing their freight spend to generate cost savings. Organizations are generally aware of inbound and outbound shipment costs related to courier […]

CAR-T Cell Cancer Therapy: The Current Situation

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy is an adoptive cell immunotherapy procedure that is gaining significant attention from oncologists across the United States in recent years. Its innovative use of the patient’s own white blood cells, which interact with an artificial receptor to produce cancer-fighting chemicals, is unlike any other cancer treatment. The promising […]

Tips for Managing Relationships with Suppliers and Service Providers

Managing vendor relationships can be challenging for several reasons. The high volume of manufacturers and suppliers hospital supply chains deal with can be daunting. Distributors and purchasing organizations can help make it more manageable, but with thousands upon thousands of SKUs at any given hospital, they cannot cover all of it. On top of that, […]

Federal Government Weighing Stronger Price Transparency Rules

The federal government’s next action to improve price transparency among providers may be requiring organizations to publicize the contracted prices they charge insurance companies for services. A request for comment on this idea and other price transparency initiatives was slipped into a proposal to prevent health information blocking released in February by the Office of […]

How the Revenue Cycle Will Need to Adapt to Value-Based Reimbursement

Date: March 13, 2019
Category: Revenue Cycle

Value-based payment models are undoubtedly the future of health care. The number of commercial and governmental ACO contracts alone increased by an average of 63% annually from Q1 2011 to Q1 2018, according to a Muhlestein et al. analysis of Leavitt Partners’ data. Though commercial payers have been slower to adopt other models that are […]

Strong Vendor Communication for Effective Laundry Processes

Date: March 12, 2019
Category: Supply Chain

Vendor relations can often be tenuous when expectations are not aligned. This can be potentially costly when dealing with linen and laundry services. In order to hold vendors accountable, while also maintaining strong relationships, organizations should start by considering their expectations and standards regarding an internal linen program. The University of Maryland Medical System’s leaders […]

Patient Safety Awareness Week 2019: Happenings & Ideas for Improvement

Everybody knows patient safety is important, but a reminder every once in a while never hurts. This particular reminder comes to us in the form of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s annual Patient Safety Awareness Week, scheduled for March 10–16, 2019. Throughout the week, the non-profit organization hopes that hospital and health system staff open […]