3 Practices to Move the Needle on Social Determinants of Health

Date: November 10, 2020
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Social needs play a significant role in the overall health status of a patient, with some research attributing as high as 80% of an individual’s overall health to socioeconomic and other non-medical care factors.1 In response, many healthcare organizations have taken a whole-person care approach, which seeks to address the unique medical, behavioral, and socioeconomic needs of each patient.

Furthermore, especially in the wake of COVID-19, many health systems have identified the need to establish new interventions or repurpose existing SDOH workflows to meet the needs of patients in these trying times. According to an analysis of HBI data on the needs social media users were posting about throughout the pandemic, some of the main SDOH being discussed by patients and addressed by hospitals in 2020 include food insecurity, unemployment, and housing concerns. Given this continued focus on SDOH, HBI invited a panel of three industry experts to discuss their organizations’ approaches to addressing SDOH at HBI’s 2020 Fall Member Retreat.