Process Claims Quickly and Accurately With One Comprehensive Solution

Research shows that two of the top revenue cycle challenges healthcare organizations face are getting claims paid quickly and preventing denials. Delays in payment and denials result in high A/R and slow cash flow, hurting the financial health of healthcare organizations and threatening their ability to provide high-quality care. With finite resources at their disposal, revenue cycle leaders are naturally interested in solutions that can help them minimize denials and ensure claims are submitted and paid as soon as possible.

Located in northwest Wisconsin, Hayward Area Memorial Hospital is a 25-bed critical access facility that needed to improve its claim processing and denial management. In August 2019, the hospital implemented efficientC, a comprehensive solution that enables the organization to scrub claims more effectively, get paid sooner, and prevent denials.

“I love efficientC,” said Sheila Itzen, director of patient financial services. “It’s not something you would want to be without.”