Real-World Data Sheds Light on Physician Referral Leakage, Reveals “Winnable” Physicians

For hospitals, one source of reduced profit margins is referral leakage—when physicians refer their patients to competing hospitals.

Referral leakage is preventable, but only if leaders know which physicians to focus on for outreach. Are there physicians in the hospital’s network that are referring patients to other organizations? Are there physicians who refer their patients to multiple hospitals? If so, can those physicians be encouraged to refer their patients to one hospital instead of others?

These were a couple of the questions posed by leaders at one New England pediatric hospital. If they knew which in-network physicians were referring to competing hospitals, they could connect with those physicians and address their concerns. Similarly, if they knew which out-of-network physicians had variable referral patterns, they could market to those physicians directly in hopes of increasing referrals.

Find out how one organization conquered this challenge in the case study linked below.