HBI‘s Learning team works alongside your process and system experts to develop customized training. These self-study courses allow staff to train on your organization‘s specific processes and unique systems, engaging in consistent and scenario-based instruction.

Custom Courses

Improve staff fluency in your organization‘s policies and procedures. Close revenue leakage gaps and reduce spend through adoption of value-driven distance learning.

Custom Course Building

  • HBI’s learning advisors work with your team to transform training content into interactive, engaging, and effective learning
  • Content Developers transform static material with dynamic storyboarding and scripting
  • Our Media Team records and edits professional sound and voice-over
  • The Graphic Design Team brings the course to life with industry leading graphics and animation
  • Detailed quality and content assurance analysis performed at all stages of course development
  • Course delivery through our interactive learning platform or seamlessly integrated into yours


  • Interactive skills assessments designed to identify knowledge gaps and lead to improvement initiatives
  • Learning advisors work with you to develop role specific questions and competency assessment programs
  • Robust reporting on assessment outcomes to accurately reflect staff competency

Custom Certifications

  • Create custom programs for your organization to promote targeted goals and maximize policy and procedure compliance
  • Participants are awarded a custom, professionally designed, organization specific certificate
  • Custom certification examples:
    • Financial Assistance
    • POS Collections
    • Billing & Collections
    • Denial Management
    • Customer Service
    • Medical Records