Leaders don’t get to choose between this priority “OR” that requirement. You live in an “AND” world of tough choices and limited time. HBI provides people and data driven insights that help you make sense of the unrelenting complexity you face every day. 

Optimize Performance

Redesign your patient payment cycle

Save $2.5M+ in cost annually and increase NPR by $4M+

Increase net revenue and reduce denials

Increase net revenue by $5M and reduce denials by 26%

increase point of service collections by reducing idle time

Increase patient collections from $250K/yr. to $1M in 12 months

Increase staff performance and productivity

Increase productivity by 14.5% and save $3M+ in cost annually

How are you holding staff accountable? How are you tracking correct action is occurring on accounts? It is unrealistic to expect you to audit thousands of accounts per year while implementing change based on what you find. With no time in your day to conduct these reviews, partner with us to help identify your current revenue cycle gaps by reviewing patient accounts and displaying our findings on an interactive visual dashboard to keep you informed of our progress along the way.

Trusted Advisers

HBI works in harmony with your team to share the burden and keep focus on priority must-dos. We identify gaps to best practice, act as a catalyst to drive teams to high-performance, and uncover variances that are causing waste or just to help shoulder the burden. HBI focuses on facts that help you make data-based decisions that drive results.

Custom services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Leadership
  • Process Design and Optimization
  • Operational Assessments



  • Account-level Auditing
  • Tailored Analytics and Dashboards
  • Big Data-centered Algorithms
  • Digital Marketing


Community. Trust. Value. Innovation.

You all knocked it out of the park … The dashboard product that you’ve built for us will be instrumental in mining the insights from the shared patient connections data and physician index scores to help inform our marketing, physician relations and network development strategy. I can truly say that I can’t imagine a better partner with whom to engage around this work! I look forward to our continued collaboration as we move from the ‘build‘ phase into the ‘use‘ and ‘iterate‘ phases.

– Deb Pappas, Senior Director of Marketing and National Physician Relations
Boston Children‘s Hospital

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