Improve the Patient Experience
Your Challenge
Organizations struggle improving patient satisfaction scores, because staff often lack empathy and effective communication skills
The Solution
Face-to-face workshop series focused on developing tools for empathetic, professional communication that makes consumers and colleagues feel supported
The HBI Approach
  • Assess – We conduct a baseline analysis to understand the specific needs and gaps of the organization and learner group
  • Create and Deliver – Using the information gleaned from the assessment, we tailor learning material, activities, and discussions to address real-life challenges experienced by staff and deliver the workshop in the format that best suits the organization
  • Measure and Sustain – After delivering the workshop, we measure the impact and help the organization sustain the new normal with staff assessments, data analysis, and leave-behind learning deliverables

About HBI Trainers:

Our trainers are skilled facilitators with revenue cycle subject matter expertise. Our workshops empower employees to:

  • Maximize collections potential
  • Improve patient and staff satisfaction scores
  • Provide excellent customer service and confidently have conversations with patients
  • Enhance interdepartmental communication skills
  • Deepen understanding of how each role impacts the revenue cycle

The 5 Influencers of the Patient Experience

  • Courtesy and Professionalism
  • Phone Access
  • Empathy and Caring
  • Inquiry and Resolution
  • Likelihood to Recommend

Not sure what your patient experience pain points are?

Leverage the Patient Experience Assessment to understand where your organization is successful and where you may be running into some roadblocks.

The Patient Experience Assessment includes:

  • Social Listening: Identify what your patients are saying about your organization through online data; we can identify and deliver an actionable and custom improvement plan by leveraging social intelligence.
  • Secret Shopping: Understand the complete story about your customer service and the impacts it has on patients through hands-on and objective analysis.