Partner with our revenue cycle experts to deliver interactive workshops that align people and processes in an effort to generate awareness, improve performance, and maximize reimbursement–it‘s a low risk, high value investment. 

The event that unites people, processes, and technology

With years of healthcare revenue cycle analysis completed, HBI’s market and data experts found trends amongst organizations:

of Revenue Cycle errors are caused by employees due to inadequate training and communication



of Providers are concerned about levels of staff training


is the average turnover rate for employees; linked to dissatisfaction with compensation and training


of healthcare providers are able to directly link their training strategy to reduction in turnover and increase in employee satisfaction

The Learning map

  • Game board format

the event

  • Interactive, roundtable exercise
  • Facilitator led sessions (8-10 employees)
  • Participants will actively discuss how their roles contribute to the organization‘s completion of strategic initiatives, how they can improve performance by avoiding common pitfalls, and work together to address market challenges facing the organization

The strategy

  • Tie in organizational mission
  • Cross-functional approach
  • New hire strategy: Plan a session for new hires or new hires and veterans
  • The Learning Map hybrid learning model combines the use of online e-learning with classroom activities and discussions, which produces the best results for content retention and job utilization

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