Point-of-Service Collections: Empathy, Education, Empowerment

Your Challenge
Organizations struggle to collect on the front end, increasing cost to collect and aging A/R

The Solution
  • Face to face workshop series focused on building collector confidence and understanding of the organization’s front-end collections policy
  • Timely drops of additional learning materials to support sustainable growth and progress

The HBI Approach
  • Assess – We conduct a baseline analysis to understand the specific needs and gaps of the organization and learner group
  • Create and Deliver – Using the information gleaned from the assessment, we tailor learning material, activities, and discussions to address real life challenges experienced by staff and deliver the workshop in the format that best suits the organization
  • Measure and Sustain – After delivering the workshop, we measure the impact and help the organization sustain the new normal with staff assessments, data analysis, and leave-behind learning deliverables