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Real-World Data Solutions for Providers

Providers have always leveraged data to improve business operations, but now more than ever hospitals and health systems are needing intuitive tools to optimize processes so they can focus on what’s most important–the patient.

Because of this, Healthcare Business Insights, Part of Decision Resources Group is obtaining more and more data, displaying it in an accessible and appealing way, and helping organizations understand their gaps, which we like to call opportunities.

HBI’s data set is unique as it is made up of a vast inventory only found through Decision Resources Group–our parent company.

HBI’s Real-World Data consists of:

  • 26 Billion+ Medical and Pharmacy Claims
  • 95% of Providers
  • 98% of Payers
  • 300 Million+ Patients


This Real-World Data has been molded and fine-tuned to create four innovative tools taking hospitals and health systems to the next level.

Patient Flow: Understand physician referral patterns and patient leakage in your market.

Market Analyzer: Understand patient origins and service locations.

Reimbursement Benchmarking: Understand your market and analyze reimbursement against competitors.

Denials Benchmarking: Analyze and compare denials in a market based on empirical, regularly updated claims data.

Each of the tools listed above is delivered in an easy-to-use and customizable dashboard.

If you’re interested in learning more about HBI’s Real-World Data Solutions or would like a free demo, fill out the form below!

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